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Basic knowledge of plywood

DATE£º2011-5-26  Information source£ºZhongxin Wood Co., Ltd.
We often say that the plywood, five plywood, seven plywood, Daixinban belong to this category.
2.1 Plywood has positive and negative differences.
Plywood (original Plywood) refers to the logs in the saw out of the single sheet (original Veneer) grain perpendicular to the layers of wood glued together.
Sheet produced by this method without paint handling, the use of intact as ordinary plywood.
Plywood has a long history, the era of the Kingdom of ancient Egypt have.
Mechanized factory production of plywood in Japan dating back to Meiji 40 years, with the processing technology and the development of adhesives, plywood has been applied today, including the renovation, outdoor construction, structural engineering and other fields.
Ordinary sheet of plywood is usually used under the trees, the type of surface, bonding strength category, the surface quality (defects case) level, size (length, width, thickness) and the use classification.
Plywood using species
In Japan birch, beech, basswood, Ash, Ash (Ash), cedar, fir.
Nanyang wood (known as meranti wood), including red meranti, Dengji red meranti (tanguile), Philippine hard wood (almon), Mayapis and so on.
Another Meranti (Philippine production), Kapur, Apitong (India, Philippines, production) and other species.
Plywood performance classification
Plywood strength properties are basically determined by the bonding strength.
As requiring the bonding strength of plywood, JAS Japanese Agricultural Standard carve into four.
Which one is suitable for outdoor and long-term in the wet state of plywood, two mainly used indoors, in a small amount of water droplets or high humidity place to use ....
Meanwhile, the indoor use of plywood JAS on the level of formaldehyde emission requirements are strict, with F ¡î ¡î ¡î expressed more stars the more environmentally friendly.Positive and negative plate tag is mandatory, and structural concrete formwork plywood can choose to mark or not mark.
In addition, insect embalmed JAS grade markers have also been provided.
Buy plywood
Three or more layers of plywood is about one millimeter of wood veneer or sheet made of hot glue, a common plywood, plywood five, nine and twelve plywood plywood (commonly known as plywood, Wuli board, nine PCT board, ten Erli board), structural strength, stability.
Plywood glue containing a large amount of construction to do the edge treatment, day and reduce pollution.
Plywood floor is mainly used for decorative panels, furniture and other wood products backplane technology.
Choose plywood formaldehyde emission and mainly depends on its bonding strength.
If the plywood bonding strength is not good, is easy to fall apart.
Choose the nominal thickness of the plywood when the attention and the actual thickness of the match.
Select the plywood should note the following:
¢Ù plywood with positive and negative differences.
Selection, wood plywood to clear, smooth and positive smooth, not rough, to feel smooth and no lag.
¢Ú plywood should not be broken, bruised, flawed, section scars and other defects.¡¡¡¡
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