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Around the plywood Classification

DATE£º2011-7-12  Information source£ºZhongxin Wood Co., Ltd.
Around the plywood Classification
1 sub-board structure according to: a. Plywood;
b. Sandwich plywood;
c. Composite plywood.
2 points by adhesive properties: a. Exterior plywood;
b. Interior plywood.
3 points by surface processing: a. Sanding plywood;
b. Scraping light plywood;
c. Veneer plywood;
d. Pre-finish plywood.
4 points by processing conditions: a. Untreated plywood;
b. Treated plywood (such as impregnation of preservatives).
5 points by shape: a. Flat plywood;
b. Molding plywood.
3.6 By zoning;
a. Ordinary plywood;
b. Special plywood.
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