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Plywood and Daixinban selection method

DATE£º2011-7-12  Information source£ºZhongxin Wood Co., Ltd.
Plywood and Daixinban selection method
1. Blockboard selection (commonly known as Daixinban)
Blockboard surface should be smooth, non-warping, distortion, no blistering, depression;
Core of uniform neatly arranged, the gap is small, the core of the non-corrupt, broken, worm holes, knots and so on.
Some Blockboard cut corners, solid wood of the large gap, if the gap at the nailing, is basically no nail holding power.
Consumers can see the sun, the gap at the will of the wood through the white.
If the poor bonding strength Blockboard, weigh one of self-financing will have a "creak" sound of the opening rubber.
If Daixinban distribute fragrance smell of wood, indicating less formaldehyde emission;
If the pungent odor, formaldehyde emission shows more.
Blockboard quality vary widely, in the purchase should be carefully checked.
First, to see whether the dense core material, with or without obvious joint deterioration and decay of wood, with or without obvious joint deterioration and decay of wood, rotten wood may exist within the egg, the future prone to insects;Look no help around the glue, putty up the phenomenon, which is generally to compensate for internal cracks or holes;
Then there are percussion instruments with the plate surface of the beak, listen to the sound is very different, if the sound has changed, indicating that exist within the empty plate.
These phenomena can cause the overall load-bearing plate weakened, long-term discontinuity will board structure twisted, distorted, affecting the appearance and use of effects.
2. Plywood
Three or more layers of plywood is about one millimeter of wood veneer or sheet made of hot glue, a common plywood, plywood five, nine and twelve plywood plywood (commonly known as plywood, Wuli board, nine PCT board, ten Erli board), structural strength, stability.
Plywood glue containing a large amount of construction to do the edge treatment, day and reduce pollution.
Plywood floor is mainly used for decorative panels, furniture and other wood products backplane technology.
Choose plywood formaldehyde emission and mainly depends on its bonding strength.If the plywood bonding strength is not good, is easy to fall apart.
Choose the nominal thickness of the plywood when the attention and the actual thickness of the match.
Select the plywood should note the following:
2.1 Plywood has positive and negative differences.
Selection, wood plywood to clear, smooth and positive smooth, not rough, to feel smooth and no lag.
2.2 Plywood should not be broken, bruised, flawed, section scars and other defects.
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