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Home decoration tips

DATE£º2011-7-12  Information source£ºZhongxin Wood Co., Ltd.
¡¡¡¡Buy plywood plywood industry in recent years, China has a large development, a number of joint-venture plant in a joint venture plywood, its quality is not bad and imported board from top to bottom, but slightly lower than the import price sheet. Consumer purchase, be sure to pay attention to the quality panels to see if the imported willow eucalyptus veneer. In addition, each plywood should see whether there is bubbling unglued, Core is a larger gap, the panel is the color the same color, it has cracks, worm holes, bruises, blot, defect and repair tape is too large subsidies and so on. Note the color of fancy buy imported meranti plywood panels junior, according to tree species are red meranti and yellow meranti categories. Choice, to consider the process to paint. Brush wood varnish in order to reflect the general pattern of character charm, they should not choose red meranti plywood panels, but should be selected teak, ash plywood beautiful patterns. If used after renovation paint coverage is strong, you can buy red meranti, or other plain panel. Now on the market by domestic joint ventures in the production of veneer decoration board a lot, mostly with imported red oak, white oak, rosewood, cherry, teak and domestic ash, beech peeled veneer from . Natural patterns and beautiful color. You have to based on the overall layout of the decoration, style and color need to choose the right varieties of plywood. If the selected veneer furniture and interior decorative panels to the color matching, the two colors to coordinate close to go. Second, we must consider the occasion use, such as packages of solid wood doors to choose there is no obvious color, cracks, scars of plywood; hanging in the kitchen cabinets to choose the ash plywood resistant to moisture, easy to use and not damp, unglued veneer decoration board .
¡¡¡¡Buy cheap
¡¡¡¡attention to the price of plywood on the market vary widely, in general, is to follow the competitive prices, value for money of the law. Some high-end brands such as "birds eye", "gall wood" decorative panels, because panels are imported precious wood, each priced at nearly thousand dollars, mainly for luxury hotels, entertainment decoration. Purchase home decoration in general, low-end you can, such as teak, ash plywood, but each one hundred yuan; Meranti plywood imports about 40 yuan each, can buy supplementary use plywood made less than 30 yuan for each plate alternative. In short, home decoration to buy plywood to grade according to the decoration, style and specific financial resources may be. Of course, be "aware", is the most important to shop around.
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