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Detailed characteristics of

DATE£º2011-7-12  Information source£ºZhongxin Wood Co., Ltd.
¡¡¡¡Blockboard Blockboard is made of natural wood in the middle of the bonded core, glue a thin veneer on both sides, by definition Daixinban, is the most important decoration materials one. Can make furniture and wooden doors and Door package, heating cover, Chuanglian, with its waterproof performance is better than particleboard and MDF. When to see it in the selection of the internal timber, should not be too broken, cracks in the wood of about 3mm between the Blockboard appropriate. As the exposed surface of the wood pretty, little direct painting, usually affixed veneer plywood. Daixinban produced furniture with wood glue to go through the board and painting with two processes, the cost is higher. Thickness divided by 5, 9 Daixinban PCT board, we can withstand the pressure and intensity of use, the thicker the higher the price.
¡¡¡¡Daixinban many consumers, a look at the weight, look at two prices. In fact, the more weight Daixinban, the worse its quality. Because the weight, the more that this board uses the hardwood. This makes up with hardwood Daixinban, do not nail into the nail, it can not be used. In addition, the price is very low Daixinban, their quality will certainly be poor. Gap is not large, is the use of substandard wood. So you choose, the best choice for about $ 100 a Daixinban. The price Daixinban, its quality is relatively stable. Market sale price of 50-55 dollars a Daixinban, can not be used. First, look at the selection Daixinban appearance: Daixinban side must be a whole wood, the other side only has a patchwork. In addition, Daixinban surface must be dry, light net.
¡¡¡¡Addition, Daixinban you choose, be sure to cut open the corner to check the quality inside. The wooden bar inside the stitching, the gap can not exceed 5 mm, can not be used with the bark, and the Wormhole deadlock timber. Good quality Daixinban, wooden bar between them, have serrated dovetail tenon mouth. In use, only along the long side of Daixinban "Shun open" and can not use the saw sideways. In addition, when the panel Daixinban can not be used to paste a layer of plywood on the outside as a panel, there would be paint blistering and other problems.
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