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What is the difference plywood and plywood

DATE£º2011-7-12  Information source£ºZhongxin Wood Co., Ltd.
¡¡¡¡reason why many consumers mistakenly believe that the wood flooring is plywood, the main reason is that both the structure has a lot of similarities, but in fact both the two contact there are differences. contact is the core layer parquet floor dedicated to the plywood, plywood, its second product required to meet the above requirements. The difference is only for the production of plywood, engineered wood flooring in one of many raw materials. In addition to plywood outside the multi-layer wood floors need special paint coating by the panel (usually rare species). Backplanes. Second, the parquet finished in precision, appearance quality, surface treatment more stringent than the plywood, such as surface coating for plywood, sealing technology, national standard not required, and engineered wood flooring, pay attention surface of the film adhesion and surface wear. These differences have led to quite different both in the production costs. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturing cost per square meter of plywood flooring is only caused by the 10% -20%.
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