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Identify the extent of wood drying method

DATE2011-7-12  Information sourceZhongxin Wood Co., Ltd.
  here was to introduce a few simple traditional methods to identify the extent of wood drying, easy to use in life.
  1, the timber weight. After air-dried wood, wood moisture content than natural light. To pick on the building materials market, can be used for this trick.
  2, wood handle. Do not touch the cold hand is relatively dry.
  3, knuckle knock, the sound more crisp on that dry, wet sound relatively boring more.
  4, listen to the voice of woodworking plane, plane to push the sound crisp, smooth plane out of wood, wood shavings fever, indicating that is dry, the contrary is wet.
  5, pinching a wood, he felt it dry.
  6, the following wood a good place to open a facial tissue, 2 days to see if wet, can basically determine the dryness of the wood.
  These are the more traditional way of rough detection, accurate identification when needed, or want to use precision instruments to better understand the true degree of drying wood.
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