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Plywood floor maintenance tips

DATE2011-7-12  Information sourceZhongxin Wood Co., Ltd.
  1, floor 24 hours after installation before the furniture on the floor, within 24 hours to minimize the staff in its move on.
  2, to maintain the floor when not wash with water, polishing or scouring powder to clean.
  3, the surface of painting the maintenance of cork flooring with wood flooring, as generally six months to play a floor wax; usually just wrung mop or rag wipe drag. Difficult to wipe the place with special cleaning agents to remove.
  4, to avoid a strong impact on the floor, moving furniture to lift for the benefit, can not drag furniture legs with pad material.
  5, suggested at the door at the shop a rubbing pad, sand the floor to reduce the wear and tear.
  6, away from home when you shut the windows, doors, especially tap, so as to avoid the rain, dripping water soaked the floor.
  7, test the water heating in winter, the family must keep to prevent water damage floor heating run.
  Maintenance :
  a cork wall, with a vacuum cleaner, Tansu son, damp cloth to ;
  2, if waxed wall, can wipe clean with a damp cloth ;
  3, partial rubber wiping stains can be removed, must not use the weapon to eradicate.
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